FootPrints Service Core

Who Uses Ayearon?

My name is Greggory Tucker. Ayearon Inc is the legal vehicle through which I do contracting for BMC FootPrints Service Core v11 and v121.

In this post I want to explain briefly who are my customers and partners.

  • Companies who have recently purchased BMC FootPrints Service Core and BMC Client Manager (BCM, formerly Asset Core). I can deliver flexible, cost-effective solutions for new implementations.
  • Companies who have existing implementations who need day-to-day Workspace maintenance, improvements or changes in advanced workflow, new workflow or processes, and product upgrades. I also work with full or part-time FootPrints administrators to augment services and provide training.
  • BMC Partners to augment resourcing and capabilities for their customers.
  • Non-partner consulting organizations who have targeted opportunities at the companies described above.
  • Organizations in North America. Ayearon, Inc is an S-type corporation registered in Nevada, USA. All services are quoted and invoiced in US Dollars.

Contact me at if you feel I can help you or one of your customers.

1Ayearon Inc is not an official partner of BMC Software. All products are the copyright and trademark of BMC Software.