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Two Click Ballots in FootPrints 12

In this post I describe how to configure two-click approvals or rejections in FootPrints 12. For the end-user approver, the two clicks consist of:

  1. One click on the ballot in order to generate an email
  2. One click on the email send button

This post will focus most specifically on the steps needed to generate the two-click links, and assumes a general familiarity with FootPrints 12 administration, the Email Templates functionality, and with configuring approval processes in a Workflow Process.



As a workspace container administrator, open the container in the Administration console, and select the Email Templates tab. Create a new template, or editing your existing ballot template.

If you are creating a new template, enter the Name of the template and select the Item Type that will use this template.

Approval Link

Now we want add an image file on which we will link approval actions. On the toolbar select the Image button.


FootPrints 12 will present an image properties panel.


On the (default) Upload tab select Choose File, choose the appropriate image file from your computer (you may download and use the images below), and select Send it to the Server. The Image Info tab will be automatically selected. Now select the Link tab and enter the following text in the URL field. Ticket= [TICKET_NUMBER] ItemType= [ITEM TYPE ID] WS= [WORKSPACE ID]&body=Vote=Approve

You will need to adjust with an inbound email address used by your FootPrints installation.


Click OK when done.

Reject Link

Insert a white space (such as a space character) immediately after the image. Repeat the above steps in order to generate a rejection link, exchanging the URL with the following. Once again, you will need to replace the email address with your own. Ticket= [TICKET_NUMBER] ItemType= [ITEM TYPE ID] WS= [WORKSPACE ID]&body=Vote=Reject

Finishing Up

Your email template may now look something like this:


Now add any verbiage that may be appropriate for your approvers. You can now Save your template and use this template in any approval processes in your Workflow Process. Afterwards make sure you save and publish your configuration.


When the approval process is triggered with an appropriate email notification, your approver will receive an email that may look like this.

Approval_Required__test_ticket_2_Ticket__TKT-1003_ItemType__692_WS__691_-_Inbox_-_gregt_ayearon_com.pngWhen the approver selects the Approve button, a new email will be generated that may look like this.


The approver may now send the email.


I generated these royalty-free images using Graphic for Mac. They may be useful to you.

VoteApprove VoteReject


VoteThumbsUp VoteThumbsDown