Service Desk Starter for FootPrints 12

Ayearon is proud to announce the release of Service Desk Starter v1.0.0.

The Service Desk Starter is a set of FootPrints 12 configuration templates, process diagrams, and a Planbook to help IT departments deploy FootPrints more rapidly across multiple processes:

  1. Incident Management
  2. Service Request Fulfillment
  3. Access Management
  4. Change Management
  5. Problem Management

The Service Desk Starter is released under the Creative Commons Attribution International 4.0 license. You are free to use, mix, and match. You are not obligated to share the any changes you make.

Download link: DEMO Service Desk Starter v1.0.0


Shared Features

  • Process Diagrams in Visio and PDF formats for:
    • Ticket Logging
    • Incident Management
    • Request Fulfillment
    • Access Management
    • Change Management
    • Problem Management
  • Planbook with details of configurations
  • Record Definitions for:
    • Change
    • Problem
    • Survey
    • Task
    • Ticket
  • Relationships for:
    • Global and Master Tickets
    • Ticket to Problem
    • Ticket to Change and Problem to Change
  • Shared Fields
    • Contact Information
    • Incident Prioritization
    • Incident, Problem and Change Categorization
  • Email Templates
    • Non-default email templates for Ticket registration and update for contacts, assignees, and CC’s
    • Approval ballots for Change Management approvers to approve via email
  • Saved searches for common use cases


  • Requester linking
  • Workflows for Normal, Emergency, and Standard Changes
  • Normal approval workflows for Manager, CAB, and Requester UAT
  • Emergency approval workflows
  • Categorization dependency mapping
  • Fields for Change Description, Business Justification, and Risk Analysis
  • Integration with Tickets (Incidents and Service Requests) and Problems


  • Standard Workflow Process encompassing all Problems
  • Approval workflow for recommendation acceptance
  • Categorization dependency mapping
  • Tracking of Problem Description, Cost Benefit Analysis, Root Cause Analysis, Workaround, and Solution
  • Integration with Incident and Change


  • Sample Survey field and form configuration
  • Integration with Ticket


  • Integration with Tickets
  • Support for sequencing and integrated sorting with Master Ticket


  • Workflows for Incidents and Requests (Service and Access)
  • Categorization dependency mapping
  • Automatic classification of Ticket Type and Request Type
  • Priority mapping from Impact and Urgency
  • Tracking of multiple requesters
  • Customer support for requester tracking
  • Ticket acknowledge functionality for reassignment and Status update
  • Separate email notifications on submission and update for Requester, Assignee, and CC