United States

USA 200Overview

A majority of Ayearon’s revenues are earned with companies headquartered in the United States. We serve American companies with subsidiaries or regional branches in North America, Hawaii, Guam, and military bases operating in western Pacific. Ayearon Inc is a incorporated with the Nevada Secretary of State in the United States of America.

US Leadership

Annualized economic activity in the United States exceeded $16 trillion in Q1 2013, up 0.92% per quarter (annualized at 3.73%). The US economy is the largest in the world and will likely remain so until 2030, according to a Global Trends 2030 report by the Director of National Intelligence. Moreover, the US remains an important source of production of foods, manufactured goods, and innovation. The US will remain the dominant global power until 2030 due to a factors such as military spending, economic growth, international assistance, human capital, R&D, and Internet and communication technology leadership.

Benefits of Ayearon

  • Ability to deal with a domestic corporation,
  • Flexible service locations,
  • Native English language speakers,
  • National and cultural awareness in international environments,
  • Expertise with international best practice standards,
  • Expertise with US project management standards,
  • Experienced information technology management professionals.