Vote History

In FootPrints 12 (or later), individual votes are recorded in the History, where they can be difficult to see. The attached VoteHistory script can be added to the On Vote business rule to record the vote results in a custom field. Generally, this custom field will be a Textarea or Rich Text field with journal […]

Two Click Ballots in FootPrints 12

In this post I describe how to configure two-click approvals or rejections in FootPrints 12. For the end-user approver, the two clicks consist of: One click on the ballot in order to generate an email One click on the email send button This post will focus most specifically on the steps needed to generate the […]

Manager Approvals in FootPrints 12

One of the most critical of features in v11 missing from v12 is manager approvals. Fortunately, there is a workaround in Microsoft SQL Server that is sufficient for most Windows Active Directory environments. This post will document how to implement this workaround. Later we will explore some of the limitations of the workaround. The implementation […]

Success w/ FootPrints 12

One of my customers has gone live recently, and I am working on another at the moment. The feedback is generally positive, with most people preferring the user interface to FP11. In the course of these implementation, I have probably found every bug in the product. As a result I have earned a few scars […]

Who Uses Ayearon?

My name is Greggory Tucker. Ayearon Inc is the legal vehicle through which I do contracting for BMC FootPrints Service Core v11 and v121. In this post I want to explain briefly who are my customers and partners. Companies who have recently purchased BMC FootPrints Service Core and BMC Client Manager (BCM, formerly Asset Core). […]